Benefits Of Paddle Boarding(2022):Top 10 Proven Benefits

Benefits Of Paddle Boarding
Benefits Of Paddle Boarding

Love water? Wants to roam the water like a fish? Here is the way to do so. You wanna know what is it? Paddle boarding. Yes, paddle boarding is the best way to enjoy the water.  It’s a very popular outdoor activity in European countries, mainly in summer. It’s a fun type sport that participants enjoy very much. It is performed on the ocean, lake or river. Paddle boarding is originated in Hawaii. In 2013, the sport was performed first time and the participants were from the United States.

The most popular forms of paddle boarding are stand up paddle boarding (SUP). So, conventionally paddle boarding means stand up paddle boarding. It’s necessary to keep balance on the paddle board while racing on lakes, large rivers or canals and surfing on the ocean waves. Paddle boarding not only pleasures the mind but also strengthen the muscles. So, the benefits of paddle boarding is a beyond expression.

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Paddle boarding has too many benefits. Here I’m going to describe 10 most important benefits of paddle boarding below:-

1.Helps Outstanding Balance Improvement

Body balance is so important for many activities. Many of us suffer from the lack of body balance and become a victim of taunt. Paddle boarding is all about balance, because you have to stand up on the paddle board all the time. This practice increases your body balance in day-to-day activities and focus to your goal as well.

2. Increase Core Strength

Stand up paddle boarding requires your core muscles engaged, that increase abdominal strength and lean muscle tone as you need to use your arms, legs, back and shoulders at the same time. Muscles become stronger without harming any of the ligaments. It also consolidates your bones and joints.

3. Relaxes Your Mind

At present we have to face many problems and pressure as well that makes us stressed and frustrated. Consequently, we can’t concentrate on our work or study. Under the circumstances, relaxation of mind is so necessary that we can’t deny. While paddle boarding you should focus only on your balance and that’s why you will forget all of your stress and tension. It will help you to relax your mind and increase your concentration. Through paddle boarding you can feel the touch of water and enjoy the magical nature.

4. Low-Impact Workout

If you are a new exerciser, high-impact workout can harm your tendons and ligaments. Your tendons and ligaments can be detached and that is very painful.  Paddle boarding is a very low-impact workout and you won’t realize that you are exercising. But it will increase your strength and give relief of some pain without any damaging. It’s completely harmless and suitable for senior citizens.

5. Keeps Heart Healthy

Heart is one the most important part in human body. If the heart remains unhealthy, whole body will suffer. So, it’s necessary to keep the heart healthy. Paddle boarding is quite similar to daily exercise. Daily paddle boarding increases blood circulation to the cardiac muscles that prevents heart attack and stroke as well. As it’s a low-impact workout and quite easy to do, so heart patients can do paddle boarding without any tension. It doesn’t hart cardiac muscle anymore.

6. Increases Stamina

People get tired and bore from their day to day activities. That’s why they need some different activity to regain the missing stamina. Paddle boarding can be the different activity without any doubt. As a full body work out, paddle boarding exercise the whole body. It helps you being more focused and confident. Regular paddle boarding increases the stamina level and useful in rehabilitation injuries.

7. Helps To Lose Weight

Everybody wants to be slim and fit. Many of them use to take skimpy diets or pills for being slim but that don’t work some times. Skimpy diets can emasculate your body and some pills have a negative reaction that can hamper your hormonal balance. Regular paddle boarding can help you to lose weight gradually without harming your health and strength.

8. Alleviate Water Phobia

There are many people who have a great fear for water. This is called water phobia. He, who has a water phobia, can’t swim or travel by ship. He is deprived of the beauty of water. Practicing paddle boarding can help them to conquer the fear and enjoy a lovely day with water.

9. Helps To Intake Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that for our body. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium that makes our bones strong and well shaped. It is known to everybody that, sunshine contains vitamin D. Doctors said to spend some time in the sunshine everyday but most of us can’t get spare time to follow the advice. As paddle boarding is performed on an open sea or lake, so our bodies can easily intake vitamin D through sunshine.

10. Unroll The Beauty Of Nature

Who doesn’t love nature? Nature gives a lot of pleasure to our mind. It is said that, a happy mind can be the remedy of all infirmities. While paddle boarding the blue water and the natural beauty will fascinate you and you will enjoy the paddling. You can spend some quality time alone from the fracas of the city and nobody can disturb you.

The benefits of paddle boarding are not limited. I’ve described only 10 benefits. Regular paddle boarding will keep you fit, fearless and stress free. So, you should include paddle boarding in your daily routine and live a better life.

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