Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 – Top 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

Fishing is an exciting activity for all. No matters how old are you! You only need a wheel and bites for catching fish. But fishing in the river or coastal water of oceans and seas requires a portable transport. The fishing kayak has specially built for serving this purpose.

Modern kayaks are getting popularity day by day. Many companies are manufacturing fishing kayaks at different models and prices. So, it can be difficult to choose a suitable model according to your needs and budget.

If you have a zeal for fishing and wants to buy a fishing kayak but have no idea which one is the best! This article is for you. Here I’m going to discuss some best fishing kayak under $500. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the suitable fishing kayak that best suits you!

Top 7 List For Best Fishing Kayak Under $500

1. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak
2. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
3. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak
4. Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles
5. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak
6. Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak
7. Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles


1. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

The most attractive thing about the “Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak” is its charming dark olive green color and stylish look. It comes with a lot of incredible features at affordable prices. Easy inflatable and two-paddlers can easily paddle in small lakes or slow current rivers. Seats are very flexible to change position or remove easily for maximum comfort. The stylish outlook and comfortable inside will help you to experience an enjoyable fishing time.

This Fishing kayak is definitely a good choice for fishing in a small lake or river at affordable prices.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

✅ ✅ Features

  • 21- Gauge PVC made.
  • The rough surface is suitable for lake use.
  • Adjustable and removable seat for maximum comfort.
  • Sit back allows you to lean back and enjoy the trip.
  • Multiple air chambers for staying inflated whether one is perforated.
  • A couple of lock valves assists in easy reflection or deflation.
  • The airtight system secures from unexpected leaks.
  • Spray covers protect you from water splashes while paddling.
  • Well designed and comfortable interior.
  • Certified by NMMA to carry up to 360 lbs.


  • PVC constructed and lightweight.
  • Two flexible sits for two paddlers.
  • Multiple air chambers and double lock valves help easy inflation.
  • Large carry bag and carry handles for carrying everywhere.
  • Budget-friendly and requires a little maintaining cost.
  • 3 months confined warranty.


  • Suitable for paddling only in small lakes, ponds, and slow water rivers.
  • Fits only two people.

2. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Another model of Sevylor under 500$ is “Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak”. This one is equally familiar to all who love fishing. Outstanding features and a fashionable look have made this kayak special. Flexible seats with back support ensure the highest comfort during the whole trip. You can store snacks, drinks and fishing bites in the mesh pockets or your seatback pocket. If you don’t want to paddle the kayak, you can always use the Sevylor trolling motor. In that case, you can store your paddles in the expedient holders and enjoy a hands-free fishing experience.

What are you waiting for! Collect your Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak now and enjoy the lovely fishing time.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

✅ ✅ Features

  • 18-gauge durable PVC constructed.
  • 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover prevent unexpected punctures.
  • Certified by NMMA.
  • Multiple air chambers help to stay inflatable even if one chamber is punctured.
  • Adjustable seats for 2 paddlers.
  • The airtight system blocks the leakage.
  • Double threaded Boston valve helps easy inflation/deflation
  • Sevylor trolling motor for the effortless fishing experience.
  • Barkley Quick Set Rod Holders for adjusting your pole angle.
  • Paddle holders keep your paddles safe while fishing.
  • Durable D-rings to attach gear or other accessories.
  • Mesh pockets to store your snacks and drinks.


  • Well-designed and lightweight.
  • Pocket-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Best for a hands-free fishing experience.
  • Enough storage facilities.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats for two paddlers.
  • Includes carry bag and carry handles for carrying throughout.


  • Only for fishing in small lakes and rivers.
  • Limited warranty.

3. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Looking for a single-seated kayak with a big space and comfort? Then you may go for the “Lifetime Tamarack Angler.” It is popular for its features at a budget price. Multiple footrest positions assure maximum comfort for all different sized riders. Extremely stable and fast enough to experience an enjoyable journey without any risk. You can store your accessories like gear, bites, snacks, drinks etcetera in two big storage hatches. The stability of this kayak is really praiseworthy. You can stand up whenever you want. You will have quality time alone with this outstanding fishing kayak.

Upgrade your lifetime kayak according to your needs with this fishing Kayak and enjoy your fishing time.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak


✅ ✅ Features

  • UV-protected high-density polyethylene constructed.
  • Steady flat bottom for standing up.
  • Weight tolerance of 275 lbs.
  • Stability Chine Rails for more balance.
  • Multiple footrest positions for the highest comfort.
  • Padded sit back and seat pad can be adjusted according to your comfort.
  • Durable front and tail shock cord straps.
  • One top-mounted and two flush-mounted fishing rod holders for smooth fishing.
  • Deep covering tracking channels.
  • Two 6 inches middle and rear storage hatches.
  • One Paddle holder with solid shock cords.
  • Two front and tail T-handles for easy transport.
  • Multiple air chambers and the airtight system handle inflation/deflation.


  • Well-outlined and in the budget.
  • Super durable and lightweight.
  • Multiple footrest positions for extreme comfort.
  • Big storage hatches for a huge storage facility.
  • Adjustable seat pad and padded seat back to relax.
  • 5 years of limited warranty.


  • Only one person can ride this single sited kayak.
  • No trolling motor and pole angle pointer.

4. Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles

Another best fishing kayak under $500 is “Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak.” The kayak weight is only 32 lbs but can carry up to 650 lbs. 3 adults can easily ride this kayak at the same time. Two super comfortable deluxe kayak seats for paddlers which can be removed or adjusted easily. Only 32 lbs kayak can carry up to 650 lbs. Three adults can ride the kayak easily at the same time. You can also take your pet dog in the kayak as its Polykryler hull is strong enough to face dog paws and claws.

This extremely durable and portable fishing kayak has gained much popularity for its outstanding weight holding capacity. Bring this home and have a nice day out with your buddies.


Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak


✅ ✅ Features

  • 38 miles Polykryler constructed.
  • Inflatable I-beam constructed floor.
  • Certified by NMMA.
  • Lightweight and transportable sport kayak.
  • Self-draining conduit valves.
  • Weight gauge and repair kit.
  • Three luxurious one-way valves.
  • Stem and rigid clutch line.
  • Lashed-down inflatable splash dresses.
  • Two kegs on the ground for better tracking and faster speed.
  • Rough and tough Polykryler hull to resist dog paws and claws.
  • Two super comfortable and adjustable deluxe kayak seats.
  • Two 4 Part Paddles with asymmetrical blade and aluminum shaft.


  • Lightweight and extreme weight holding capacity.
  • Suitable for up to level III whitewater.
  • Includes a foot pump and carry bag.
  • Long-lasting and easily manageable.
  • Pet-friendly kayak hull.


  • No paddle holder to store paddles.
  • Poor storage facility.

5. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

It is also a single-sited kayak board available in the market with protective leg pads. This one is familiar with paddlers of all ages and various tastes. The large open cockpit is the main attraction of this kayak. You won’t feel any suffocation inside the kayak. A flexible padded seat with high back support ensures the maximum comfort throughout fishing. Adjustable foot braces also secure your foot. This amazing kayak is available in red, blue, citrus, ocean and tangerine color.

So, what is your favorite one? Order your Sun Dolphin Aruba and experience an excellent fishing day in any kind of water.


SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak


✅ ✅ Features

  • Constructed with UV-Protected high-density polyethylene.
  • Rugged boundaries for easy inflation.
  • One adjustable seat with great back support.
  • Adjustable foot braces for the highest comfort.
  • Shock cord set implements.
  • Convenient gear storage space for storing your accessories.
  • One bottle holder for your drinks.
  • Strong hull to withstand pet’s claws and paws.
  • Protective leg pads for more security.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 - Top 7 Reviews & Buying Guide


  • Large open cockpit for great comfort.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting kayak ever.
  • Comfortable and secure.
  • Enough storage facility.
  • Suitable for any kind of water.


  • Weight holding capacity is poor than other fishing kayaks.
  • No paddle holder or rod holder.
  • Fits only one paddler.

6. Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Another Sun Dolphin kayak is going to be presented. This is also a very popular and well-designed kayak with rich facilities. Undoubtedly this Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing kayak has taken place in the race of the best fishing kayak at affordable price. Large open cockpit and the super comfortable padded seat have made this kayak more exceptional to all paddlers. Very lightweight and simple designed that you can carry everywhere you want. Suitable footrest positions for supreme comfort. There is a large storage hatch to secure your gear and other accessories. Two colors, olive and sand are available in the market.

This is an ultimate kayak for both fishing and paddling in the lakes and rivers. Take home your own kayak and today and have some quality time in the water.


Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

✅ ✅ Features

  • Flexible seat and comfortable padded seatback.
  • Foot stirrups and thigh pads.
  • Tracks and paddles with dexterity.
  • Rugged and suitable base for maximum stability.
  • Compact accessory carrier with 250 lbs weight holding capacity.
  • Two flush-mounted and one top-mounted fishing rod holders.
  • Big storage hatch chamber for gear and other accomplices.
  • Retractable and durable carrying handles.
  • Self-bailing compartment.
  • Shock cord deck apparatus.
  • High-density polythene constructed.
  • Front and rear shock cord leashes.


  • Large and luxurious open cockpit for highest comfort.
  • Durable and portable mid-range kayak.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting carrying handle to carry everywhere.
  • Fit for paddling in lakes and rivers.


  • Absence of paddle holder.
  • The load holding capacity is only 250 lbs.

7. Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

The Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak has gained much popularity for its outstanding features and affordable price. Two flexible kayak seats are suitable for two paddlers. Multiple footrest positions for both paddlers ensure maximum comfort and protect legs from any kind of distress. A rear storage compartment is available for storing your entire equipage. This portable kayak is very lightweight to carry everywhere. You can carry wherever you want and launch by yourself.

If you are planning to buy the best fishing kayak under $500, this one must be included in your options. This Lifetime kayak can be a good choice for fishing with a buddy.


Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

✅ ✅ Features

  • High-density polythene erected.
  • 10 Foot compact length with 500 lbs weight tolerance.
  • Double super adjustable kayak seats with a padded seatback.
  • Multiple footrest positions for both paddlers.
  • One rear storage hatch for gear and snacks.
  • Two durable kayak paddles for easy paddling.
  • Three fishing rod holders for the hands-free fishing experience.
  • Rugged hull design for more stability.
  • Ingenious design for faster tracking.
  • One front shock cord strap.


  • Versatile design and suitable for paddling in lakes and rivers.
  • Multiple footrest positions for comfortable seating.
  • Includes fishing pole holders for hands-free fishing.
  • Up to 500 lbs of weight holding capacity.
  • Lightweight and affordable for the middle class.
  • 5 years limited warranty.


  • Available in two colors only.
  • No thigh pads for protection.

The Buying Guide

There are many fishing kayaks in the market with different features and facilities. You must be confused about which is the best fishing kayak under $500. We suggest you some key features that you must check before buying a fishing kayak-



At first, ensure your safety. We highly recommend you to ensure that the kayak is well made and meet the basic safety requirements. Check properly if there is any leak or split before buying.


After meeting the basic safety requirements, make sure that the kayak is easy to carry everywhere.


Before buying a fishing kayak, always compare the warranty period with other kayaks. Choose a kayak with the highest warranty limitation.


For whole day fishing, a comfortable atmosphere is a must. So, buy a kayak with a comfortable seat, footrest positions, and other facilities.

The Kind of Materials Used To Make It

The kind of materials depends on the kayak’s quality and price. Generally, three types of materials are used to make kayaks. They are-


The cheapest and heaviest material for kayaks is polythene. Polythene is more durable, soft and easy to repair. Some high-density polythene is UV-protected.

Polycarbonate Plastics:

Polycarbonate plastics are lighter than polythene, but a little bit expensive than polythene. This plastic is also more durable and portable than polythene.


The most expensive and lightest material for kayaks is fiberglass. Kayaks that made of fiberglass are very lightweight and long-lasting than any other kayak.

Kayak Weight

Lightweight kayak is always on demand. The weight holding capacity of kayaks differs from one to another. So, if you want to paddle alone, a single-seat kayak of 250 lbs weight holding capacity is good for you. On the other hand, if you have a group of two or three paddlers, weight tolerance must be up to 500 lbs.

What’s The Best Length

Long and narrow shaped kayak moves faster but wide and short shaped kayak is more stable. The best length for your kayak depends on where you going to launch it!

We suggest, 8 feet to 13 feet long kayak for fishing in small ponds, lakes, and calm water rivers. But for paddling in huge rivers or anywhere with choppy waters, the length should be increased to 14 feet to 18 feet. Normally, most of the best fishing kayak under $500 is 10 feet long.

Inflatable Vs Hardshell Kayaks

There is always a competition between inflatable and hardshell kayak. If you are confused between these two types, here are some comparisons.

Inflatable kayaks are lightweight, easy to carry and capable of jumping through rocks. However, the hardshell kayaks are heavier to carry and can make a clash with the rocks.

Hardshell kayaks are always ready to launch. But the inflatable kayaks need to inflate before launch and deflate after paddling.

The maintaining cost is a little bit high for the hardshell kayaks.

Which One Is the Best

If you like an inflatable kayak, Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak would be an excellent choice. We are recommending this because of its outstanding features. Two adjustable seats, rod and kayak paddle holders and enough storage facility have made this kayak more exceptional.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak can be the best choice for the hardshell kayak. A large open cockpit and thigh pads ensure the highest comfort.

Allover, the best fishing kayak under $500 is the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak in my opinion.

Final Thoughts For Best Fishing Kayak Under $500

Fishing kayak is one of the most important things for fishing lovers. But selecting the best kayak is really a tough job. The whole article was about to help you in choosing the best fishing kayak under $500. We hope that the choice will be more easy and effortless now. Then, take home your favorite kayak and enjoy your fishing time alone or with a partner.

No kayak paddle comes with most fishing kayak. For this, you have to buy kayak paddle for fishing separately. You can also check for the best fishing kayak under $1000.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 - Top 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

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