How Long Is A Kayak – Tips Ideas in 2022

So do you want to get a perfect kayak length? It is so important to consider the kayak length for the best kayaking experience. But the question arises “How long is a kayak actually?”

Kayak lengths have variations. Depending on the types of kayak, your kayaking purposes, and places you want to float, you should pick the best one up!

How Long Is A Kayak
How Long Is A Kayak

Why Is Kayak Length Important?

Well, kayak length is one of the most considerable-facts for a paddler. It affects the paddling performance. Such as, while kayaking on the sea, if you ever need to turn the kayak rapidly, surely saying, you can’t do so with a longer kayak. Shorter kayaks are perfect for rapid turns harder for paddling straight. On the other hand, longer kayaks are easy to paddle straight but harder to turn quickly.

Nay, there are so many causes to consider the kayak length. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information about kayak length and ‘how long the kayak will be good for you’ as well.

We have pointed out different types of kayak and their length. They are-

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How Long Is A Kayak

Sea And Touring Kayak Length

When you intend to go touring in the seawater with a kayak, you need a kayak that can go straight across the seawater. Longer kayaks are easier to keep straight and they have better cut through ability. So, seawater kayaks are longer than other typical kayaks.

Depending on the kayak type, the length varies. The length ranges between 14-feet to 19-feet of a solo kayak. A tandem kayak is 1-2 feet longer than a solo kayak. Moreover, the passengers’ height is also considered while buying a kayak.

Sea And Touring Kayak Length

Which Length Of Kayak Should You Buy For Sea Water?

It is very important to determine how-long the kayak is perfect for your upcoming tour on the sea? As it has variations?

If you’ve planned to go away from the shore where you can enjoy the wildlife with sea-wave, you need a quality kayak with stability. For this, you must buy the longer one. In this case, an 18-feet longer kayak is the best one. For tracking with a partner, you need a 19-23 feet long tandem kayak. Longer kayaks provide more stability in the deep sea.

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White Water Kayak Length

There are four types of whitewater kayak- you will find them- in the market. They are-

  • Playboats
  • River Runners
  • Creek Boats
  • Longboats

Depending on the whitewater boat types, the lengths of kayaks are different- ranging from 6 feet to 12 feet.


Playboats are shorter than other kayaks so that you can turn them back at any time. A shorter kayak allows you to maneuver the kayak and to apply your tricks on the water very effectively. Whatever you want to do on the water to play, pick the shorter boat ranging from 6 feet to 6.5 feet. They are the best boats for navigating a long way of water.

River Runners

River Runners are a bit longer than the Playboats. The lengths of river water kayaks are between 7 feet to 9 feet long. So it is possible with this type of kayak to navigate quickly even in the high flow waterways.

Creek Boats

Of course, you don’t want to get a hard push during kayaking? Creak is a narrow waterway where you need a shorter kayak to navigate. That’s why we suggest you buy a kayak ranging between 7.5 to 9 feet long.

With a creek boat, don’t ever think to float into bigger waterways even by mistake. Because, as they are short and light, the strong tide can push them around easily.


Longboats are longer than these three types of kayaks. The lengths of longboats are usually 9 feet to 12 feet according to the needs. They are also great kayaks for river or lake water.

Fishing Kayak Length

No matter how long a fishing kayak is, rather the matter is if you can take advantage of a kayak during fishing.

Even thereafter, there is a word “perfection” in all cases. Like other kayaks, a fishing kayak also has a particular length. A fishing kayak is usually 10-feet to 16-feet long. You can take any of the measures of a kayak.

Tandem fishing kayaks are 1 or 2 feet longer than solo fishing kayaks!

Fishing Kayak Length

Which Length Of Fishing Kayak Should You Buy?

Between 10 to 16 feet long fishing kayak, the most popular fishing size is 13-feet long. It is the average length for all types of kayakers. If you want to fish from the narrow waterways, we will strongly recommend the shortest fishing kayak ranging from 10 to 12 feet long. But, if you want to fish in the seawater, a kayak with more stability against more buoyancy is important for you. In that case, you should go for a longer kayak.

Furthermore, storage space is also an important factor while buying a kayak. If your friends or partner wants to make a trip with you, then? Pick up a longer kayak with a two-seated feature.

All in all, determine first what actually you need.

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Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are used for recreation on the calm water, not for paddling against the enormous waves or strong tide. Smooth kayaking on calm water for recreational purposes can relieve you from stress. For this, you need a short kayak that provides good maneuver and enough stability for a leisurely trip, but not for speed at all.

So, a short kayak is fine for recreation. According to the maximum expert kayakers, a 10 feet long kayak is the best option for recreation. Tandem recreational kayaks should be 1-2 feet longer than the typical kayak.

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How long Is A Standard Kayak?

A kayak that can cut through the water pretty straight and maneuver easily is considered a standard kayak. A longer kayak offers straight track, a shorter kayak easy maneuver, but a standard kayak offers both of them.

A 10 feet long kayak is considered as the standard kayak that most people can pick up with no worries. Because a standard kayak is-

  • Easy to carry over the head or on the roof of small cars
  • Easy to store in the garage
  • Easy to kayak almost in all waterways

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Wrapping Of How Long Is A Kayak

It is tricky to select what size of kayak is perfect for you in most cases. If you are going to make a trip in a narrow waterway with your friends, you need a longer kayak. But the problem is, a longer kayak is not perfect for that waterway, then?

Well, considering all these situations, you have to determine first what is needed actually!

There is nothing to worry about. There are a lot of kayak buying guides you can check out for the best pick. Enjoy your trip, buddy!

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