How To Adjust Foot Control Trolling Motor – A Full Guideline

The foot control trolling motor is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your boat. With it, you can adjust speed to help fish more effectively. However, if the foot pedal doesn’t work correctly or won’t stay in place after adjustments there are some steps you can take to fix these issues and get back out onto the water for more fishing fun! 

We’ll go over how to adjust this part of your boat’s equipment so that it will be just right for what you need. 

What Is Foot Control Trolling Motor?

Generally, the foot control trolling motor is an electric trolling motor attached to a handle with a pedal on it. The pedal allows you to set how fast the motor will spin so that it can push the boat forward. 

This is important because different speeds are necessary for different fishing situations. You often need to adjust how quickly or slowly the boat is going to help you catch more fish and be able to get them into your boat.

How To Adjust Foot Control Trolling Motor - A Full Guideline

Specially made trolling motors come with these controls on the end of the handle, while others can be purchased separately and attached to existing motor handles.  The foot control trolling motor consists of a 3-pronged plug that plugs into the end of the handle of the trolling motor. With this, you can then adjust how fast or how slow the boat moves by how quickly you push down on the pedal. A wide range of speeds is possible with these pedals so that they will be able to work in almost any situation and for any kind of fishing.

How To Use It?  

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re using the foot control trolling motor. First, be sure that your boat is level and not tilting too much on either side. This can make it difficult for the motor to push against the water and can cause issues with how quickly or slowly you want to go.

How To Adjust Foot Pedal Trolling Motor

The first thing to do if you can’t get your foot pedal to work is to check how it’s plugged in. Make sure the cord isn’t damaged, and try using another electrical outlet if possible. It helps to have a friend around when doing this because they can plug the motor in for you while you watch how it works. If the motor won’t turn on at all, you may have a larger problem with how the motor is set up.

If this doesn’t work, you can look into how your foot pedal itself works. Make sure it’s completely attached to the motor by checking how the wires are connected to each other and how they’re plugged into the main unit. There should be some screws on the bottom of the foot pedal that will allow you to tighten how secure it is on the motor if needed.

If these first options don’t work, you may have to look into how your actual trolling motor works. This can require taking apart more parts of the motor or working with how it’s wired up. However, as long as nothing is obviously wrong then you should be able to get the foot pedal working again.

If this still doesn’t work, you may want to take the foot pedal itself into a professional. This can be expensive and time-consuming for how simple it actually appears to be how to fix these issues. However, if your trolling motor doesn’t work at all, the foot control may not be able to fix how it works. It can also mean that you’ll need a new motor if how it’s wired is off.

How To Adjust Foot Pedal For Trolling Motor Speed

Whether you’re using your boat for fishing or recreation, one thing that everyone needs is how to adjust their foot pedal for trolling motor speed. This will help you how fast your boat goes and how slow it works depending on what you need.

How To Install Fishing Foot Control Trolling Motor

 A foot control trolling motor is a motor used on boats while fishing. This motor allows you to control how fast the boat moves by how quickly or slowly you push down on the pedal that’s attached to it. You’ll need some basic supplies to get started, but after that how to install a fishing foot control trolling Motor will be easy and straightforward.

How To Install Your Foot Pedal On Your Boat

Most fishing boats come with how to install your foot pedal on your boat. However, there are some how to install your foot pedal on your boat that you can buy separately. There are some how to install your foot pedal on your boat that you may want to use for how convenient they are or how they work better than how to install your foot pedal on your boat.

How It Works:

Foot pedals are installed on boats by attaching them under where the handle is located. They are used by pulling up on the handle of the boat while pushing down on the foot pedal to move through the water.

What You Need:

  1. A Phillips-head screwdriver
  2. An adjustable wrench
  3. A drill with a ¼ inch bit and 3/8 inch metal bit attachment
  4. Socket wrench

For how to adjust foot control trolling motor speed, first make sure your foot pedal is attached and can be used. If not, follow the above steps for how to install a fishing foot control trolling Motor. Once this is done, you’ll need to determine what kind of water it is that you’re using the boat in. This will help you figure out how fast or slow your boat needs to move so that you can adjust the speed accordingly.


This is a quick guide on how to install a foot pedal trolling motor. Adjusting the speed of your boat will allow you to control how fast you go while fishing or just enjoying being on the water for recreational purposes. If you have any questions or anything that needs further clarification, feel free to contact me. I hope this helps and enjoy your boat!

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