How To Attach Crate To Kayak – A Step By Step Instructions

If you are going to be doing a lot of kayaking, then you will need to purchase a crate for your kayak. In order to attach the crate properly though, there are some things that you will want to know first. The following blog post is intended to assist you in learning how to connect the kayak crates easily and rapidly. If this is something that interests you then read on! You won’t regret it!

What Is A Kayak Crate??

how to attach crate to kayak

A crate is a storage unit that can be attached to the exterior of the kayak. It has a lot of uses, including holding all types of things, such as food or clothing. You will also need some other equipment in order to attach the crate properly though, so make sure to read on!

You don’t want it coming off while you are out on the water. And they won’t if you learn how to attach a kayak crate correctly and safely!

How Do You Attach A Kayak Crate?

The two most popular methods for attaching cargo boxes to kayaks are either through screws or bungee cords. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages so you should look into both before deciding which to use.

The bungee cords are fantastic since they allow you to cram more items inside your crate., but this also makes drawbacks. Bungees tend to break easily so if one isn’t very high quality then it can snap or come lose while on the water which obviously wouldn’t be good at all!

With screws, there really isn’t too much of an advantage or disadvantage. The only problem that may occur with screwing your crate into place is if it becomes loose or comes out completely. If this happens then obviously it will fall off the kayak and sink into the water, which obviously wouldn’t be good for either you or the crate. So just always keep in mind how important it is to make sure that your crate is always attached safely and securely. It’s also more essential than the material you choose to attach it too.

Is There A Certain Size Kayak Crate?

While some people try to fit as many things as they can inside of their crates, others prefer to make them as small and compact as possible so that it isn’t too bulky and will allow them to paddle easily instead of having problems just because their crate is stuck in the way. The only issue with this is that if you don’t have enough stuff crammed into your crate, you won’t be able to store anything else later on, such as food or clothes. Select a size that is neither too big nor too little. You don’t want to make your kayaking trip more difficult than it needs to be.

Can Other People Use Your Crate??

If you plan on sharing the same boat as other people though, then this could cause some problems. When other people are inside of a kayak with you, they will inevitably bump into it and if left unchecked then damage can occur. You should always mark your crate as well so that those who aren’t as experienced know not to touch it unless absolutely necessary. This way you will ensure that things remain intact and no one has any issues!

How Much Does A Crate Cost?

Most certainly depends on where you purchase it from because there are places online where you can find them for $20 or $40. They will both do the same job though and hold your items and belongings in place. So either way it really just boils down to your preference. If you would rather spend the money on something else then by all means stick with what you have!

How To Attach Crate To Kayak - A Step By Step Instructions

What Should I Put In My Kayak Crate?

You should always make sure that you don’t put any of your most expensive items inside of it. Some people like to store their tents and sleeping bags, but if they are important or valuable then this is not the best idea. You can still make room for these things inside of your kayak but only do so if you know for a fact that no water will be getting into them!

That is really all there is to put together an awesome kayak crate! It’s pretty simple actually, which makes it all the more surprising when people mess it up. If you have trouble though just remember what you have just read here and hopefully everything will go smooth as silk!


We hope this blog post has helped you, and we’re here to help with any questions. If it’s not your first time strapping down a kayak, then please let us know what other topics or information would be helpful for you in the future!

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