How To Build A Fishing Dock – A Step-By-Step Guideline

As a fishing man, you know that the waters are your playground. You spend all day out on the water catching fish and enjoying nature. But it can be hard to get back to shore when you want to take a break or go home for the night. That’s where fishing docks come in handy!

They provide an easy way off of the water without making you swim against currents or jump into unknown territory with sharp rocks waiting below. How do they work? And how do I build one myself? Keep reading to discover what you require and how a simple project will help you manage your time more efficiently!

What Is A Fishing Dock?

A dock, in the fishing sense, is a platform built off of the edge of a body of water. It can be anything from a simple board to stand on while you fish or an elaborate series of ladders and platforms that let you get back and forth without ever getting your feet wet. Many docks include railings for safety, but how high the railing is depends on how far out you need to go. Fishing docks work best in areas where water levels are fairly consistent, like lakes or rivers without rapids.

Fishing Dock

Why Do I Need A Fishing Dock?

Life’s short; why spend all day slogging through the mud and rocks at the edge of the river when you could be out on the water? Fishing docks make it easy to get back and forth, and they keep you safe from sharp rocks and strong currents. Say goodbye to wading in cold water and slipping on slimy rocks! Instead, enjoy a nice walk across dry land where your feet don’t sink into the mud every time you take a step.

How Do I Build A Fishing Dock?

Building a fishing dock is easier than you might think. The basic structure is made up of two posts in the water with a third post supporting them on land. Between the posts, planks are attached for easy access to and from the shore. If the ground is soft enough, they may be dug into the earth; but if necessary, they can also be embedded in sand or cement to make them more solid.

What Do I Need?

– 2 posts to be sunk into the water (as tall as you need)

– 1 post to stand on land (as high as you want your dock and how deep the water is)

– 4 posts of the same height and length to support your platform

You Will Also Want:

– drill/screwdriver (for putting together)

– 2×4 lumber (to make a platform between supports)

How Do I Build It?

1. Dig two holes for your watersports, making sure that they are deep enough for your supports.

2. Put a 2×4 board in between the holes and attach it to the posts on each side. When you’ve reached the edge of your platform, it’s time to walk out onto it.

3. Drill screws into the top of each support post and make sure they are sturdy when everything is together. You want things to be sturdy so that no one falls into the water!

4. Measure how high you want your lid to be and how deep the water is below to work out how tall your posts will need to be. Once you have them drilled, set them up in order of how deep they are (tallest goes deepest).

5. Put planks of wood between the posts on how you want your dock to look. You can have a railing, or not, as high as you need.

That’s it! Now Go Catch Me Some Fish!

Now that you’ve built yourself a fishing dock, what are you going to do with it? Actually, fish from it of course! Make sure to record how it’s built and how big it is so you can get the dimensions for future builds.. Once you’re done with this dock, maybe you’ll want to make another one in a different location! Just make sure to take everything apart before moving on or you might end up with an angry river god (or whatever the equivalent is in your area.)

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