How To Kayak Fish? Popular Tips And Tricks For All Fishing Lover 2022

There are many fishing modalities, both in river and sea, some are ancestral procedures with thousands of years of tradition; others are simply given by some other cultures. And, we have to mention the evolution of technology which, day after day, is working more for sports equipment and its easy access. In this way, in order to learn how to kayak fish, keep reading and make the most of all the advice we have for you!

How To Kayak Fish?
How To Kayak Fish

Fishing from a kayak, canoe or a small boat is a fishing style that is approximately 3,000 years old because its beginnings were started by tribes from Oceania to the deepest part of the Amazon. Today, we know this sport style as a fishing modality that has come to stay, even at an international level, becoming a real fever for lovers of sport fishing both in the river and in the open sea, with more practitioners every year; since it is a fishing stroke with a series of very particular characteristics.

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How To Kayak Fish

Do you want to know what are they? Keep reading! In this post, we will tell you a little more about this type of fishing that has more than one person delighted.

Before starting your great kayaking adventure, it is necessary to take into account if you are going to face the sea alone or accompanied when fishing and last but not least, to know what are you going to fish?

If you go for large prey, remember that your equipment must be in good condition. It is advisable to perform tests before leaving; check the reel brakes, make sure the hooks are sharp, secure the knots and take the most appropriate rod (at least 9 kilograms for large fish).

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It is very important to know that when going out to venture individually, a certain technique is required to prevent the sea from harming us. We must always be ahead of everything that can happen, and check the complete equipment whenever we go fishing. And if in another case we will go out accompanied in our adventure, take a kayak that is favorable for both people and comfortable when fishing.

It is impossible to forget that fishing in kayak or kayak fishing is a type of fishing that can be practiced at any time of the year; it is also true that it is in summer when the number of practitioners increases considerably. This sport does not stop being practiced, even on colder times of the year where the temperature of the water and the environment is low, as it is in winter, making fishing from kayaking somewhat more complicated.

Now that you know some of the best features of this sport, you may wonder how to kayak fish? What else do I have to know? Well, it’s very simple.

The first thing you should have is your complete safety and fishing equipment, secondly, an efficient paddle to maintain an ideal position in the kayak. Remember that you must remain with your back straight in your seat when paddling; this will give you greater comfort and functionality. The arms must be fully extended to give greater strength and, thus, be more efficient and save such precious energy. Keep in mind that there are also pedal kayaks, which are a good option to help you using your legs and keep your hands free.

How to kayak fish

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In a kayak trip, fishing is somehow more important than the search for speed and displacement. For this reason, it is advisable to adapt the distance and the route of the exit to your physical conditions. To not end up exhausted in the first half hour and not be able to perform your sets with ease due to fatigue; It is always advisable to start with a slow, wide and regular shoveling, so that our muscles go into heat and unexpected jerks do not occur, finally, it is recommended that before going out, you stretch the muscles and relax the body, to be able to enjoy more the sea and the fishing itself.

Even though fishing starts very early in the morning or in the afternoon, it is very recommended to have eaten well or having followed a good diet during the day, an easy and comfortable option is the energy bars (which provide you with fast energy), slow absorption cereals and fast sugars (chocolate or nuts) at the same time. They can be stored in the pocket of the lifejacket or in a container.

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As a general rule, it is vital to always go well hydrated since, at sea; the sensation of moisture can make us forget to drink enough water. And, we do not want to go through very dangerous dehydration in the middle of the sea, right? Well, to prevent this, you should take with you a drink enriched with mineral salts and without too much sugar, as these can produce dry mouth and could not give us enough hydration.

Likewise, at the end of the day of fishing from kayaking, the muscles will be exhausted and suffer micro-injuries or micro-fibrillar tears, which will cause pain the next day, especially if you are entering this fishing mode and you have just learned how to kayak fish. One tip, to minimize and accelerate the recovery process, it is advisable to consume proteins rich in varied amino acids. A meal with eggs, for example, will be enough for our muscles to recover and allow us to go out the next day in our kayak again.

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