Intex Challenger K2 Kayak Vs Explorer K2 Kayak: Which One to Row?

No doubt remains that Intex provides the most comfortable inflatable kayak at a reasonable price range. Their kayaks are the perfect starter packs for beginners. Among them, all the Challenger K2 and Explorer K2 are mostly preferred. 

Now, the question is which one is the most worth it among these two-person kayaks! Here, we have got your back! In this article, we will be providing a detailed overview of the Intex Challenger K2 Vs Explorer K2

Have a thorough read with a cup of coffee to make your final purchase absolutely worth it! 

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak Vs Explorer K2

Specifications Between Intex Challenger K2 Vs Explorer K2

SpecificationsChallenger K2Explorer K2
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ColorBright GreenBright Yellow
PumpIntex high output pumpIntex high output pump
MaterialTough VinylPolypropylene
Weight33.53 pounds30.60 pounds
Capacity400 pounds400 pounds
Dimension30X15X138 inches13.5X23.13X16.25 inches

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Differences Between Intex Challenger K2 kayak Vs Explorer K2 Kayak

As you might have noticed that due to being produced by the same brand, these two two-person kayaks have somewhat similar features. Yet, there are some noticeable differences that might help you in forming your final decision. 

To get rid of all the sweaty works of yours, we have jotted down all the major differences in this sector! 

  1. The Intex Challenger K2 is bright green in color whereas the Explorer K2 is bright yellow
  2. Challenger K2 weighs about 33.53 pounds and the Explorer K2 about 30.60 pounds
  3. The Challenger K2 and Intex Explorer K2 are 30X15X138 inches and 13.5X23.13X16.25 inches respectively. 
  4. Challenger K2 consists of 2 separate air chambers and the Explorer one has 3 separate air chambers

Detailed Discussion on Explorer K2 Vs Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The idea of investing this amount of money on a kayak is a big rush for beginners, we get it! Therefore, in general, buyers get too confused about which factors to give priority to.

There’s nothing more to wonder about as in this section we have stormed down all the essential factors regarding these two kayaks to make your decision much easier. 


The material is one of the most important features of these kayaks as they determine their durability and weight. In this case, both of the kayaks are made up of the same material. Both of them are manufactured with heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. As the name suggests this protects them from leaking while being hit by any sharp object. 

The Challenger K2 and Explorer K2 are both made up of puncture-resistant vinyl. 


Another seemingly silly yet essential element is the color of your kayak. 

Intex Challenger K2: This kayak comes in a bright grey and blue combination. This bright color palette allows this sporty kayak to be visible amidst the water body. Therefore, if you are ever stuck in a troubling situation in the middle of the lake or river then the rescuers will easily be able to spot you without any obstacle. 

The Explorer K2: In this case, this explorer is a bright yellow color. Like the previous one, this choice of colors allows this kayak to be easily spottable in times of danger. 

Both have bright colors. 


It’s obvious that you won’t want to burden yourself with a hefty and loaded kayak out there in the water. Therefore, lightweight kayaks are always the first priority. 

Challenger: This one from Intex has a weight of 33.53 lbs. This is actually quite a lighted one in the market. Anyone with a good physique will be able to lift this one easily. This, in turn, increases the portability of the kayak. 

Intex Explorer: The Explorer K2 has a total weight of 30.60 lbs. This is a few units less heavy than the previous one. Therefore, making it a much more efficiently portable option when it comes to Explorer K2 Vs Intex Challenger K2 Kayak weight. 

The Explorer K2 is comparatively less heavy than the Challenger K2

Weight Capacity

As both of these kayaks are made up of the same material, therefore, they have the same endurance rate. Alongside that, as they are both intended for the usage of two people therefore both have a weight capacity of 400 lb. 

Both of them have the same weight capacity. 


Another one of the unavoidable features has to be the size of the kayaks. It might be obvious to you that the more the size the more the comfort. 

Intex Challenger Kayak: Starting off with this one, it features the dimensions of 11’6” X2’6” X1’3”. This is a much spacious space for perfectly fitting two people. 

Explorer: The explorer has the dimensions of 10’3” X3’X1’8”. This enables this kayak to be much bigger in size than the previous one. Therefore, the users will be assured with more comfort as they will be provided with more space for resting their legs. 

Explorer is comparatively bigger in size than the Challenger. 


To row your kayak, the most needed thing is without a doubt the paddles. The Intex brand has provided its users with both kayaks with two paddles. These sturdy paddles are 86 inches in size alone. These aluminum paddles simply make rowing easier than ever! 

Both are equipped with two aluminum paddles. 

Air Chambers

Challenger K2: This Intex kayak consists of 2 separate air chambers. These air chambers play a role in constructing the shape of your kayak. 

Explorer K2: This kayak is made up of three air chambers. These air chambers when inflated form the wide shape that provides all the comforts. 

Challenger and Explorer have two and three air chambers respectively.


The seats are the sidekicks of ensuring the comfort of your whole adventure. You have nothing to worry about in this case, as both of these kayaks feature removable and adjustable seats. This ensures your comfortable sitting position at any angle when rowing. 

Editor’s Choice

After going through the details, you might have already made up your mind on which one to get your adventures started off with. However, why not cross-check it one last time with us! 

So, if you ask us then we would suggest you go for the Explorer K2 one. But Why?

Well, both of them are the most suitable options for beginners. However, the Explorer exceeds the expectations with the comparatively lightweight, more air chamber, spacious, and easy to assemble feature. 

Not to forget, they are also friendly in the pockets. But if you are willing to spend your money on the Challenger then we can assure you that it would also be worth the try! 

Final Words     

After going through this little homework on Intex Challenger K2 Vs Explorer K2 we hope that the confusion has finally left your mind. Just keep all the requirement boxes ticking and finally you are able to row your best one!

Happy kayak adventure! 

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