Many people from all over the world are fond of kayaking for recreational, fishing or other purposes. It has mental benefits, too. But the most important thing is whether kayaking is a good workout or not.

Whatever the answer is, if you want to improve both your physical and mental health conditions without doing any hard exercises, then kayaking will be the best option for you.

But How?

Don’t get hectic, buddy! We are here to provide you with all the information you want to know and meanwhile the ways to achieve a pretty and strong body just by kayaking.


Kayaking has a lot of health benefits that are maybe beyond your imagination. Yes, buddy! We are not telling you myths, it’s really as true as you are reading this piece.

It’s a good workout for people of all classes, all ages and even for all professionals. So you can also do kayaking to improve your overall health conditions.

To know, just keep scrolling down. Here are some physical benefits of kayaking we listed for you.

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Improves Mental Health Condition

Everybody knows that mental stress has a great impact on physical health. Besides muscle, the mind is also important. The less you feel stress, the less you feel malady.

But how kayaking is fun? Well, let us explain…

You probably know that the sedative neurochemical named endorphins are responsible for happiness. Any physical activities can produce these chemicals from the pituitary glands.

If you paddle a kayak, your limbs move continuously and this physical movement produces these magical endorphins inside the brain. They (endorphins) boost up your mind and reduce stress and depression. They release you from all types of pains you feel, too.

You know the natural landscape is really an awesome source of enjoyment that everybody loves. Kayaking on the bank, lakes, shores, or on any type of waterways get you in touch with nature and enjoy the aesthetic beauties of it.

Moreover, water splashing during paddling, the chirping of birds, the cool air breeze, everything will touch your heart and make you stress-free as well.

Thus kayaking brings happiness and improves mental health which is really a good workout for physical health.

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Cardiovascular Workout

Cardiovascular is one of the most important functions of your heart. It is a circulatory system that maintains blood circulation effectively.

You know that blood circulation plays a vital role in the human body. It helps the blood to carry the nutrients and oxygen to all other parts of the human body and remove the carbon dioxide out simultaneously.

That’s why you should make sure that your circulatory system is working properly. So you must keep your heart healthy and stronger. But how?

Kayaking is one of the best strenuous cardiovascular exercises you can practice regularly. During kayaking, when you row your kayak with a paddle, your upper body moves continuously. It noticeably increases the heart rate and keeps the heart circulating more blood.

It’s obviously a great job, buddy!

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Loss Of Weight

Kayaking is also an effective upper body workout for losing weight.

According to medical science, people gain weight just by taking more calories than they burn. It’s natural. Then what should you do to lose weight?

You have to burn more calories through physical exertion. It’s definitely a bit challenging. In such a case, kayaking is the most effective and easy way. You should try to go to the water in a kayak now.

For the best result, you have to paddle for around 3 hours a day. Actually, how many times you should paddle varies on different aspects.

You can check out how many calories kayaking burns in an hour. Calories Per Hour.

Note: If you don’t have any physical issues that cause more weight gain e.g. thyroid disorder, diabetics, Cushing’s syndrome, medication, etc., then you can lose weight by burning the calories.

Strengthen Muscles

Everybody loves to have stronger muscles. Over the world, a lot of people go to the gym for that. But, you have neither to go to the gym nor to run every morning to fit your body.

Then how do you keep yourself fit? We confidently say that, just by kayaking. Yes, kayaking is also a great physical activity that develops muscle strength. During kayaking, when you paddle a kayak, almost all of your upper body muscles work continuously.

To give you an idea, forward stroke with the kayak paddle is a great workout for the arm muscles. If you do a forward stroke, your biceps and triceps work continuously and it enhances the circumference of the muscles gradually.

Every time you stroke on the water, you have to twist your body in a certain rhythm which has really great benefits for the torso. Moreover, you will find that your shoulder muscles, chest muscles, and even your back muscles are working continuously.

So, why are you getting worried about your body fitness? Just go kayaking. It is a solution to thousands of problems.

Give Firm Abs

To get firm abs is challenging stuff! Many gym-goers give up exercising just because it is a difficult workout. If you have a dream to gain firm abs easily, then kayaking undoubtedly is the best core muscle workout for you.

Regular kayaking offers you good-looking strong abs as your abdominal muscles rotate when you paddle to take your kayak forward.

Many kayakers demand that you will get a six-pack within the shortest period. But the truth is, it would take much time to gain a six-pack or wouldn’t ever. But, it is sure that you will get firm abs.

Strengthens Lower Body Part

Keepingbalance is important while paddling. If you won’t paddle properly, your kayak can overturn otherwise. But the question is which part you use to keep balancing?

Of course your legs! While paddling, you need to apply pressure on the kayak to keep the kayak stable on the water. So your leg muscles including your thighs also feel that pressure and gradually get strengthened.

If you paddle by sitting, kayaking also strengthens your lats. If you make several trips on the water, you will finally find your lats stronger than before. Maybe, at the very beginning, you will feel a little bit of pain which is not the big issue at all.


Finally it is sure that kayaking is an incredible workout you can do regularly. Almost all important muscles get active while kayaking. Don’t they?

Furthermore, we all are busy with our own job. So sometimes you don’t have enough time to meet with your friends. So kayaking is the best opportunity to meet them.

So take a recreational kayak, make an adventurous trip with friends and enjoy your time.

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