Paddle Boarding Equipment List

Paddle Boarding Equipment List

Essential Gear

1. Stand up paddle board (SUP)
2. SUP paddle
3. Personal flotation device (PFD)
4. Pump (for inflatable SUP)
5. SUP leash
6. Fin(s) for SUP
7. Rescue whistle
8. Headlamp or flashlight (required if paddling after sundown)

Clothing And Footwear

For warm weather and warm water (>70°F)

1. Rashguard or other sun-protective shirt
2. Board shorts or swimsuit
3. Water shoes, neoprene booties or sandals
4. Sun-shielding hat
5. Hat retainer leash (optional)

For cold weather and/or cold water (<60°F)

1. Neoprene top and shorts, or
2. Wetsuit
3. Paddling gloves
4. Wool/synthetic cap
5. Wool/synthetic socks

paddle boarding equipment list

Recommended Personal Items

1. Sunscreen (water-resistant SPF 30+)
2. Lip balm (SPF 15+)
3. Sunglasses and straps
4. Water bottle or hydration reservoir or waistpack (filled)
5. Snacks or lunch
6. Credit card; small amount of cash
7. Cellphone in protective bag/case
8. Small first-aid kit
9. Insect repellent (as needed)
10. Camera with a waterproof case
11. Towel

Other Gear Items

1. Towline
2. Deck bag and/or dry bags
3. Camera mount
4. GPS
5. Two-way radios
6. Weather/VHF radio
7. Guidebook
8. Maps and charts in a waterproof case
9. Compass (that floats)
10. Knife
11. Fishing gear
12. SUP carry strap
13. SUP transport cart

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