Paddle Boards For Kids: Best Reviews And Buying Guide (2022)

We know how difficult it is to get involved with the kids in their hobbies. How about you find out an activity or hobby that is similar between both of you.

Paddle Boards For Kids
Paddle Boards For Kids

You may have been active in your twenties. But now you are so stuck with the job, the kids and the family that you barely have time to enjoy. However, you can still get back to paddling. It will revive all the childhood memories for you. Moreover, you can take your kids to paddle with you. It will create an interest and a common hobby for both of you.

But you know what? You will need paddle boards for kids if you plan to take your kids along. However, it is not a waste for sure.

Are you looking for paddle boards for kids? We can help you to find the best paddleboards. However, you would want to have some research before that.

If you are still confused about which paddleboard to choose for your kids? Below is a list of some of the best paddle boards that we know. There are many other paddle boards that are available in the market. However, for the below-mentioned paddleboards for kids, we can guarantee the quality.

Take a look at the paddle boards for kids that are mentioned below. It will help you make a decision in a much easier way.

Top 5 – Paddle Boards For Kids List

1. True Wave 8’0

2. BESTWAY Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Board

3. BESTWAY 9’0 Paddle Board for Kids.




Best Paddle Boards For Kids

1. True Wave 8’0

The true wave is a paddle board for kids which is perfect. With the height of 8ft, the board stands tall and has a comfortable fit for petite people. Though it does have a huge range of colors or does not offer a multitude of colors, the board does offer a light blue color that would totally attract the kids and they for one would for sure love it. The board obviously comes with a paddle that is small and compact and easy to use for the children.

The board itself is a very light weighted board, 12lbs in total to carry.

The board has a textured surface and makes it easy to grip onto which also does count as a blessing while in the sea or any other water body. The board can be a perfect gift for athletic children and someone who loves to hit the water. Either it is your granddaughter or your little niece this board can handle it all.

Sure to give you a good time in the water, this board does not disappoint in the financial area. It’s a relatively cheaper board as compared to the other boards, talk about bang for your buck. The board also has a handle to hold onto which can be helpful while walking and looking for a good place to settle down into. All and all the board itself does turn out to be a good one, giving you and your child a satisfactory outcome.

True Wave 8’0

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  • It can hold maximum weight of 100 lbs
  • A volume of 93 liters provides a very good flotation system
  • Good for both skilled and amateur water lovers
  • Removable ankle leash and fin
  • Adjustable paddle according to the requirements
  • Strong EPS core with 3 stringer system
  • Deck traction pad


  • A sturdy board with a very good grip for the children
  • It can also be suitable for petite women and skinny men, mid-teens
  • Room for adjustability and removable parts
  • Ankle bracelet for protection
  • Good for chilling with the family


  • Not suitable for heavy people or kids
  • It does not offer a range of colors
  • Rough usage may result in the breakage of the board

2. BESTWAY Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Board

Bestway is offering you the SUP with amazing qualities. The SUP is a paddle board for children as well as adults, with the addition of it being a kayak. With multiple functions, the board is sure a winner. But wait, there’s so much more about this board which will surely be an all-rounder for you.

The entire set consists of a paddle board, a paddle, a repair kit, a seat with backing (to change to kayaking whenever needed), a hand pump, a travel bag and lastly a footrest.

All of these things come along with the paddle board.

This board is inflatable but is suitable for everyone, but with a weight limit of 243 lbs.

Either it is children, adults, professionals, amateurs this board is sure to give you a very good ride along whatever you demand.

Either it is any water body or has a very unstable condition this board will perform in any way and give you the best results.

The formation of the board also allows you to put a seat up and turn it into a kayak, a backrest along with the chair has you resting comfortably. The footrest of the paddle board makes it so much more comfortable and allow you to have the best ride.  The board has a friction surface which allows you to surf and perform in any way required.

BESTWAY Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Board

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  • The dual formation, kayak as well as a paddle board.
  • Measuring 10” x 33” x 6”, provides extreme support and very strong board
  • Thicker material makes it an absolute ideal for any water body.
  • Non-slip and traction surface provides a very good hold on the board.
  • As good as the original stand up paddle board
  • The cushioned deck provides ultimate comfort as well
  • The lightweight paddle board makes it very easy to maneuver and handle.


  • Extreme durability, and a repair kit in other situations.
  • Amazing hold on the deck and makes the paddle board makes it ideal for every person.
  • Dual-purpose makes it an even better option.
  • Easy carriage and packaging.
  • Deflates very easily.
  • The inflation pump is included with the board.


  • An inflatable board may have the vulnerability of deflating.
  • There may be mistakes while shipping the product.
  • The return policy is not great.

3. BESTWAY 9’0 Paddle Board for Kids.

This SUP is specifically designed for children, ranging to a height of 9’, this board is perfect for the little one learning to be the best in their interest and so why not choose the best for them. Best way always does come through with its products. This is the perfect paddle board for kids but can hold an adult just trying to play around, don’t perform major stunts with this board since this obviously does have a limit to what it can bear, as well and a weight limit of 209 lbs. Don’t go “overboard” with excitement This board is not suitable for extreme water rode sports. A little wave can be handled but an extreme waterfall may not be the way to go with this paddle board.

This paddle board is sturdy and very steady. The company even tells you to do yoga on the board, must be a very trust able board honestly. What could you ask more of a mere board when it’s giving you everything it can.

The paddle board comes with a variety of things with the packaging and all the necessities are added along the packaging making it even more convenient for you to buy this paddle board.

Another activity to add with the children would be an assembly of the board, bonding, and love.

BESTWAY 9’0 Paddle Board for Kids.

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  • Specifically designed for children
  • Measures to 9” x 30” x 6”, provides a perfect board for anyone under 220lbs.
  • Orange color is available
  • Easy transport and storage, just deflate and roll up in the transport bag.
  • A complete start-up kit is available.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Made from stitch material which makes it very durable
  • Deck handle makes it easy to carry around.


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Comfortable size for kids
  • The start-up kit makes it very easy to use.
  • User-friendly
  • Strong and repairable
  • Readily available
  • No batteries required


  • No kayak seat available
  • No warranty
  • May not be proper during shifting
  • Not suitable for extreme water sports
  • Better for playing around in the water


Airheads have always been an amazing brand for water sports and have more than 25 years is experience in improving their products. Over 900 products have been made by the company and have always been a success.

The inflatable surfboard is perfect for kids. It looks like a delicious popsicle and has a funky color that attracts little kids and makes it fun for them to use. Multiple colors and a good product, what else do you need. Multiple specifications make the board very trusted by all the users who have bought it. The site itself has a 5-star rating, making it an absolute favorite from all the buyers.

Need your child to be more independent?

This board offers a carry-able and lightweight mesh bag which can be carried around by the children themselves. The entire thing is so lightweight and so easy to inflate and deflate.

 The total shipping weight of the item counts up to a total of 28 lbs but the item itself is only 19lbs. Lightweight makes it very easy to maneuver and manage by the child itself.


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  • Lighter paddles designed especially for little kids
  • Rockers at the front and back provide the rider with the utmost control.
  • Lightweight and molded handles that allow the child to carry the board themselves.
  • Thick EVA pads on the board help you have a good grip on the board and make it easy to stand
  • Removable fins ensure you have choices to make while moving the board.
  • A high-pressure hand pump, pressure gauge, and valve wrench are included.
  • EZ high-pressure release valves.
  • Stainless D-rings allow personal belongings to be tied with the board or to be towed.
  • 4 fixed fins allow the board to be extremely easy to maneuver
  • Can handle up to 30-120 lbs


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Popping color vibrant colors
  • Perfect for kids
  • Guaranteed to last a very long time.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Mesh bags and supplies included


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Can expose you to toxic chemicals such as TUI, may cause birth defects a d radiation


Bright blue us an inflatable board which has a total length of 11’6” which can be used for adults but is also suitable for children. The board has a color of red which is a fairly attractive color. The product itself is tested multiple times to ensure the quality is excellent and amazing for you to use. The clean is very easy and can stay inflated for a very long time all at once. Just use a mild soap to rinse the top of the board. The main theme of the company comes from nature and it makes sure you have a very comfortable environment on the board while you attach yourself with your family and nature

The board has multiple specifications and has been redesigned multiple times to ensure the best quality for the user. Though the board is relatively and very big, it is also very lightweight and has multiple layering for protection from any sort of wear and tear.

Customer satisfaction has been the top priority of the company and offers them the best services and the best delivery to its customers. There has been nothing bad found about the board which causes dissatisfaction.


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  • Made from military-grade material which provides you with the best of all the things required
  • Multiple layering to ensure a rigid board
  • 30% lighter than other boards
  • Entirely portable in a backpack
  • Can be used in multiple water bodies
  • 12’6” x 30” x 6”
  • Accessories added available
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


  • It can be used for multiple users
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • 2-year manufacturer quality
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Drop-stitch technology
  • Nothing bad about the board in general


  • Expensive in comparison to the others

Buyer’s Guide

Do you still lack some information regarding the paddle boards for kids? We are here to help you with all the information regarding the paddle board that you may be looking for. Below mentioned are some of the aspects that you need to consider while you are getting a paddleboard for your kids. Make sure you do not end up wasting your money on something that is not worth the value.


There are several paddle boards available at different price options. You can check out the market for different prices. Moreover, you need to make a price priority or a budget list for the paddle board. We know you would not want to invest a lot of money on paddle boards. However, you can pick a paddle board based on the quality and the price of it. Pick a moderate one at the start and if you are Kids actually love paddle boarding you can get a better option for them.

Size of Paddle Board:

There are several lengths of the paddle boards that are available in the market. However, if you are using at particularly for your kids you can find a paddle word that is it 8 to 9 feet long. This is the perfect size of the paddle board that your kid will need. So, choose the appropriate sides based on the need of your kids.

The Versatility of The Paddle Board:

You need to find a paddle board that is not only suitable for your kids, but adults too. So, that when your kids are not using the paddle board you can use it and enjoy some time. Above mentioned paddle boards are also based on versatility.

Quality of The Paddle Board:

When you are getting a paddle board, you need to make sure that it will not be torn apart easily if used carelessly. So, you need to make sure of it that the quality and material of the paddle board is great. Also, make sure that you get one from a good and reputed brand. The better the brand is the better it will be for you. Do you know why? Because the bigger brands make better quality products to save the name at stake of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are kids able to use the paddle boards that are made for adults?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Kids can use paddle boards that are made for adults. However, the paddle boards for kids are made to make paddling easier. When the kids are paddling their weight is less. So, they need more buoyancy. Therefore, the paddle boards for kids work better.

Question: Are permanently attached fins a good option for the paddle boards for kids?

Answer: Yes, it is a lot better if the fins are permanently attached and flexible. This will make the paddling a lot easier for the kids.

Question:  Is the inflatable paddle board better or the hardboard?

Answer: If you are getting a paddle board for the kids, you will need to get an inflatable one. It is better for the quality and the weight of it. Moreover, it will not apart very easily.

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Now that you have some understanding regarding the paddle boards for kids. You can now get a paddle board that is best for your kids. While you are getting a paddle board, you need to think of several aspects. However, the above-suggested paddle boards are some of the top listed paddle boards available in the market. If you are still lacking in some research, you can take a look around the market and find several materials and prices of paddle boards available.

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