Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak: Which One Is The Best Option?

Kayaks are surely a lifesaver when it comes to a little water expenditure. You will surely love this inflatable goodie for its easy setup and portability features.

As you might have guessed, today we will be talking about kayaks! Not only kayaks but two of the best in the market. We will guide you in choosing one from Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak!

Both are worth the shot for beginners but which one will meet your floating requirements? Have a good read before finding that out!

Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak: Which One Is The Best Option?

Specifications Between Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak

Maximum kayaks have the same features but with different specifications. Marking those specifications before sealing on that final deal!

Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak

For your ease, we have jotted down all the details you will require:

SpecificationsSevylor KayakSea Eagle Kayak
Weight18 pounds44.25 pounds
Size103x36x30 inches34 inches
Number of seats12
MaterialPVC and rugged tarpaulinSynthetic
Setup time5 minutes10 minutes
Capacity400 lbs.650 lbs.
ValvesDouble lockOpen and drain and 5 one way inflation

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Key Differences Between Sevylor Kayak And Sea Eagle Kayak

  1. The Sevylor Kayak weighs about 18 pounds whereas the Sea Eagle Kayak weighs around 44.25 pounds.
  2. When it comes to the size, Sevylor’s one is 103x36x30 inches and the Sea Eagle one is about 34 inches.
  3. Sevylor’s one has only 1 seat and the other one has 2 seats.
  4. Both Sevylor and Sea Eagle kayaks can hold up to 400 lbs. and 650 lbs. respectively.
  5. The Sevylor Kayak comes in the color blue and the Sea Eagle one is white in color.
  6. It takes up to 5 minutes to set up the Sevylor Kayak and 10 minutes for the Sea Eagle one.

Detailed Features Discussion On Sea Eagle Kayak Vs Sevylor Kayak

Now that you are done with half of your homework for the purchase of a new kayak to add as a companion to your sea expenditures, let’s get the other half done too! In this section, we will be talking about all the significant details about the Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak:


The seating arrangement is one of the most important features of choosing a kayak. Apart from determining the comfort, it also decides how many other adventurers shall accompany you on your journey.

Sevylor Kayak: In the case of this blue-colored kayak, this one has only one seat. Therefore, if you are looking forward to rowing through the water body alone then this one shouts out your name for sure! The entire portable kayak folds into a single seat when required. Not only that, but the seat also consists of a backrest which ensures your comfort.

Sea Eagle Kayak: This one, on the other hand, is a 2 seat kayak. The manufacturer claims that this can accommodate about 3 people in total. In addition to that, this one offers the users the luxury of movable seats which includes advanced back support.

Sevylor Kayak consists of only one seat whereas Sea Eagle one has movable 2 seats.

Setup Time

On adventures who want to spend a great deal of time preparing their kayak! No one!

Sevylor Kayak: The kayak is made in such a way that allows it to be set up in about 5 minutes only. The high-pressure pump offers you the luxury of a short setup time.

Eagle Kayak: On the other hand, this kayak will take about 10 minutes to be totally set up for the adventure. This takes more time as it is a 3 person kayak so larger in size. This one is also accompanied by a foot pump.

The Sevylor takes comparatively less setup time than the Eagle kayak.


One of the most important features has to be the weight of the kayak. It determines if you will be comfortable carrying your kayak to the desired locations or not. In the case of these two, you are up for the luck!

Sevylor Kayak: The comfortable and rigid kayak doesn’t only offer the users durability but also gives them the luxury of being lightweight. This kayak only weighs about 18 pounds. This is actually perfect for a one-person kayak. This enables the kayak to be easily portable.

Sea Eagle Kayak: As this is a three-person or two-seated kayak, therefore, this one is a little heavier. Weighing about 44.25 pounds this kayak’s weight is really worth appreciating. It is easily carryable by the effort of just two people.

The Sevylor kayak is comparatively much more lightweight than the Sea Eagle Kayak.


The feature that determines the other features is without a doubt the material used in the manufacturing process of the kayaks. Most often they are made up of synthetics. In the case of the Sevylor Kayak Vs Sea Eagle Kayak, it’s no alternative.

Sevylor Kayak: This inflatable kayak is produced with polyester material. It consists of a 21-gauge PVC construction. Alongside that, the bottom is made using tarpaulin. All these materials together make the kayak durable and safe from punctures. This enables the kayak to be used in lakes.

Eagle Kayak: The Sea Eagle brand also uses synthetics to provide durability to their products. The material is so reliable that the company claims that it can sustain its strength even up to Class II whitewater.

Both are made up of synthetics.

Sevylor Kayak

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Sea Eagle 3 Person Kayak


The capacity is another way of figuring out how much weight the kayaks will be able to handle. In most cases they are stated in correspondence to the number of people stated to be seated.

Sevylor Kayak: As the kayak has been stated to be used by only one person, therefore, the capacity of this QuickPak kayak is up to 400 lbs.

Sea Eagle Kayak: On the other hand, as this kayak is able to hold 3 adventurers hence it can hold up to 650 lb. This makes it safer for 3 people to accommodate.

Both have different capacities.


The size does not only determine how many people get to sit on your kayak but also how comfortable it sorts out to be.

Sevylor Kayak: We have already mentioned that this kayak is about 8 ft.7 in x 3 ft. in size. It can also be stated as 2.62 m x 0.91 m. This accommodates up to 1 person. Within this size range, the manufacturer has been able to come up with a design that serves you with the most comfort. You will be able to stretch your legs, back, and arms without any fear of falling into the water or hampering the balance.

Sea Eagle Kayak: This kayak is 34 inches. The company states that this one is perfect for 3 people yet it would be a much more comfortable journey if two people sought out to utilize it. This is because three people might move much more restricted.

Both have different sizes.

Air Chambers

Sevylor Kayak: This kayak consists of a total of three-air chambers positioned at the rigid flat bottom. These play a key role in keeping the boat’s solid shape in place. Alongside that, this also provides security in case your kayak gets snagged.

Sea Eagle Kayak: Like the previous one, this one also consists of 3 chambers. One at the port, the other starboard, and lastly the floor.

Both of the kayaks consist of 3 air chambers.


Last but not the list the one thing that should pop up in your mind before sealing the deal is the expense.

The Sevylor Kayak is comparatively much less expensive than the Sea Eagle one. This is due to the size and capacity of the kayaks. As one is intended for only one person and the other for three persons, therefore, the price range varies gravely.

Editor’s Choice

After going through all the details, you might have already made up your mind to have a specific product. However, we would like to assist you in making the final call.

Both the kayaks have several different features. But most importantly, if you are looking for a one-person adventure then the Sevylor Kayak has your name already written on it. It’s lightweight, time-efficient, and pocket-friendly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a perfect comfortable two or three-person kayak then you should go for the Eagle one. It surely provides all the desired features a sailor can ever ask for.

Final Words

We hope that you have got a good insight into what you are aiming for from our Sevylor Vs Sea Eagle Kayak review. Keep all those boxes ticked and enjoy the spirit of the water with your brand new kayak! Happy shopping!

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