Paddle Boarding Equipment List

paddle boarding equipment list

Paddle Boarding Equipment List Essential Gear 1. Stand up paddle board (SUP)2. SUP paddle3. Personal flotation device (PFD)4. Pump (for inflatable SUP)5. SUP leash6. Fin(s) for SUP7. Rescue whistle8. Headlamp or flashlight (required if paddling after sundown) Clothing And Footwear For warm weather and warm water (>70°F) 1. Rashguard or other sun-protective shirt2. Board shorts … Read more

Kayak Fishing Gear List

Kayak Fishing Gear List

Kayak Fishing Gear List – 20 Essential Items 1. Kayak2. Kayak Cart3. Paddle4. Paddle Leash5. Paddle Grips and Paddle Gloves6. Fishing Rod and Rod Holders7. Fish Finders8. Anchor Kits9. Tackle Boxes and Tackle Bags10. Fish Bag and Coolers 11. Pliers and Pocket Knives12. PFD – Personal Floatation Device13. GPS14. VHF Radio15. Bilge Pump16. Other Safety … Read more

Differences Between Kayaking And Canoeing – A Complete Guide 2021

differences between kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are two different kinds of popular activities in European countries. Many of us think that kayaking and canoeing are the same things but they are absolutely wrong. There are many differences between kayaking and canoeing. Although both are water activities, there are many differences in their design, technique, types of equipment, purposes … Read more