What Types Of Paddle Boards Is Best For Me? – A Beginners Guide 2022

Water sports are one of people’s favorite pickings, especially for the summer season. It’s a combination of kayaking and surfing, and consists on surfing using a paddle that propels you. 

So, instead of sitting down on the board like it’s done in surfing, you stand up and propel yourself over the water with paddles. That way, it’s very pleasant for sightseeing purposes, especially when your summer vacations include children. You and your partner can each have a board and the little ones can sit on them while you both paddle your way through your surroundings. Besides, it’s a very good arm exercise

Likewise, paddle boards come in different shapes and sizes, which is why we will explain easily how to differentiate them so you can choose between them with knowledge. It’s not surprising that you didn’t know there were different kinds. This sport has become increasingly popular in the last few years, after all. But don’t worry, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boarder, you can learn about the different types of paddle boards there are.

What are the different types of paddle-boards?

Paddle boards come in different types: surf, all-round and flat-water.

Types of Paddle Boards

A Beginners Guide To Types Of Paddle Boards

■  Surf paddle boards:

■  Flatwater:

■  Allround/All-around paddle board:

■  Inflatable paddle boards:

■  Race paddle boards

■  Yoga boards

■  Fishing paddle boards

■  Paddle Boards For Kids

1. Surf Paddle Boards:

They are the best for you if you live near a surfing area, or if you’re already an experienced surfer. They’re typically easy to maneuver although they’re slow to paddle and come in the shape of an egg, whereas others are longer or narrower. 

They’re specially built for Open Ocean paddling or paddling for long distances. They tend to be longer and narrower than other kinds, and many of them include a storage section in which you can keep a tent or different outdoor traveling supplies. 

3. Allround/All-around Paddle Board:

The name of this one is highly related to its shape. They tend to be rounder, wider and longer than surf specific boards. This type of paddle board is the best if you’re just a beginner on this sport because it’s easier to maneuver. They’re very stable and made to endure simple water conditions. 

All Around paddle boards are also a great choice because they allow you to enjoy different aspects of the sports with a single board since you can use them for open sea traveling, performing or simply paddling. 

Assuming you’re new to this sport, this kind of board is definitely the perfect one for you, because it will help you gain a good balance for starting because the length of the base is made for you to be able to stand up with a minimal chance of falling. 

4. Inflatable Paddle Boards:

They have many advantages, the main one being its inflatable condition – instead of carrying a heavy board, you can easily fold this type and storage it on an apartment or a car when traveling! Besides, they are great for beginners that wish to have their first paddling experience.

However, inflatable paddle boards also are a disadvantage because of their lacking weight capacity. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, maybe it isn’t the best choice for you, and you should get a solid board.

5. Race Paddle Boards:

As with all sports, paddle boarding can also become a competition. Thus, there are boards especially made for racing purposes. Because of this, racing paddle-boards are made from lighter materials so they can gain speed when in water.

If you’re an experienced rider and you wish to enter a competition, finding a good model of a racing paddle board is the best option for you. You will have to consider that these types of boards are usually expensive, so it won’t be the best choice if you’re a beginner paddler – remember that they are built for speed, therefore, they’re more difficult to handle.

6. Yoga Boards:

Besides being a combination between surf and kayaking, paddling is becoming increasingly popular because of its new union with yoga. Yoga is a great sport for relaxation and flexibility purposes, and when done in a serene environment such as calming waters, its effects can become even more gratifying.

Because yoga involves moving your body in different positions (which can sometimes be difficult to achieve), most yoga paddle boards are inflatable. This provides the user with a comfortable place to move since a solid board could be uncomfortable. Besides, the price of these kinds of boards is usually very accessible, so if you love both sports, they’re the best option for you!

7. Fishing Paddle Boards:

With paddling becoming a big sport and combining it with others, yoga can be the best option for some moms, but dads and their fishing also have their good options!

Fishing is an outdoor activity usually preferred by men, and it can be done in kayaking. However, using paddle boards can become an advantage because they are built to be perfectly stable, and they also offer a great deal of storage space, very much needed for all of the fishing supplies.

However, if you are a beginner paddler, you might want to practice your paddling before adding the fishing, since it can take a little time to learn how to be stable while paddling on the water. Nonetheless, the combination of both activities is the favorite option for many people, especially for the extra space offered for even holding your fishing rods.

Paddle boarding has become more popular over the years, since around 2013. Picking a board can be very easy even for a beginner if you know what you want to achieve with this sport. If you’re looking for a summer-time entertainment, a new activity to learn, an innovative way to exercise or even a compliment for your yoga or fishing, picking a paddle board is one of the main things you have to learn.

It will take some time to get used to the feeling of being balanced over water, but choosing the right type of paddle board for your purposes will make everything easier and much more fun, so go and pick the right one for you and start paddling!

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