What Size Surfboard Should I Get? A Complete Guide 2022

Surfing is one of the most venturesome activities in western countries. And when it comes to choosing a surfboard, a question automatically comes up as to what size surfboard should I get!

Well, the size depends on several factors that are important to keep in mind while buying a surfboard. Your surfing skill, style, and fitness are the main factors on which the surfboard size depends. Expected wave conditions and body dimensions of the surfer are also very important for picking the actual size.

If you can’t choose the right size whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or skilled, you can’t handle it properly. So, if you are looking for an absolute guideline for buying the best surfing board with the right shape and volume, you are at the right place. By reading this article you will understand how to choose the right size surfboard and which volume is right for you.

What Size Surfboard Should I Get

What Is The Relationship Between The Weight Of The Surfer & The Volume Of The Surfboard?

There is a very closest relation between the weight and the volume of the surfboard. The higher the weight of the surfer, the higher the volume we need. Volume defines how well a surfboard floats you on the water. The more a board floats you, the faster you can paddle and catch the waves.

To get the exact ratio of the weight and volume, just divide the surfer’s weight by the volume of the board. The smaller the resulting number is, the more the board is suitable for the surfer.

Nowadays different types of surfboards on the market confuse the surfers with their pretty much the same dimensions. It always seems difficult to compare. In that case, the most effective way to compare is the volume. Realizing the importance of the volume, most of the brands display their product’s volume both on their website and product.

According to the surfing level and skill, the volume range of the surfboard is given below. Find a good volume range that suits your ability, fitness, and comfort on the water.

Beginner: If you are a beginner and just learning how to stand/stay on a surfboard, 2.0lbs/L (o.9kg/L) volume range is right for you. Also read How To Choose The Best Wakesurf Board For Beginners?

Lower intermediate: 2.6lbs/L (1.2kg/L) is right for those who are a little more skilled than the beginners. Surfboards of this volume range are suitable for paddling out and riding green waves.

Intermediate: To trim down the line and attempting turns, 3.0lbs/L (1.3kg/L) volume range is suitable for intermediate surfers.

Upper-intermediate: Upper-intermediate surfers can select 4.0lbs/L (1.8kg/L) volume range for performing basic cutbacks.

Advanced: Advanced surfers need a surfboard for an advanced top to bottom surfing. 6.0lbs/L (2.7kg/L) is the right volume range for them.

Pro: The highest volume range of 6.6lbs/L (3.0kg/L) is suitable for the pro surfers and their pro activities.

Here is chart for more convenient:

Beginner2.0lbs/L (o.9kg/L
Lower Intermediate2.6lbs/L (1.2kg/L)
Intermediate3.0lbs/L (1.3kg/L)
Upper-intermediate4.0lbs/L (1.8kg/L)
Advanced6.0lbs/L (2.7kg/L
Pro6.6lbs/L (3.0kg/L)

To get the surfboard volume that suits you the best, just multiply the volume number with your weight. It’s better to choose the bigger board when you don’t have many options.

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How Do The Surfboard Shapes Matter?

After selecting the right volume, you must look for the right shape. Shapes are equally important to manage your surfboard according to your skill and activities. There are mainly three shapes of surfboards available in the market. They are the longboards, the fish-style boards, and the shortboards. Here presenting a summary describing all the shapes to choose for your skill level-


It is a common question that what size surfboard is suitable for beginners? Experts always suggest a board that is wide, thick, and at least three feet taller than you. This type of board supports beginners with extra flotation and stability to paddle for the wave faster. Longboards are the perfect choice on small rolling days for beginners. Have a look at the advantage of a longboard-

  • As a beginner, you must need extra stability to improve your balance. Longboards will provide you bigger space with more stability to help your balance.
  • The large surface area and low rocker of the longboards help to float better and catch smaller waves earlier.
  • At the beginning level, it will support you with its soft top. You will remain safe or face a lower chance of injury while it hurts you.

Fun Shape/Fish Style Boards

Fish style board is exceptional for its short length and twin fin setup that provides more stability to catch smaller to medium waves. If you are comfortable enough with your longboard, introduce yourself to a beginner shortboard to speed up your progress. But first, make sure that you can catch unbroken waves, turn left-right and execute a proper pop-up. Here are the advantages of fish style boards for you-

  • Speeds up your paddling skill and gives you a clear-cut idea about shortboards.
  • Helps to move easier than a longboard.
  • Doesn’t fall apart quickly as the heavy-duty epoxy doesn’t allow that.
  • The low rocker of this board makes them very fast and steady.
  • This board is perfect for racing, catching the waves, and making a large cutback on the face.

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When you are all set with your long and fish board, it’s time to switch on the lighter, smaller and faster shortboard. This is the perfect board for advanced to pro surfers. If your basic turning skill is good and can catch any waves at any time, you can switch on shortboards whenever you want. Let’s focus on the advantage of the shortboard-

  • It takes your surfing skill advanced to pro-level and enriches your experience with full of adventure.
  • The best option for surfing on medium-high and pitching waves.
  • Highly recommended for vertical surfing and barrel riding.
  • Lighter, smaller, and faster shortboards are handy for duck diving monster waves.

This is how volume and shape matter in selecting the right surfboard. Before buying one, calculate the volume according to your weight and select the shape according to your skill.

The volume and shape of a surfboard are very important facts for beginners. Skilled surfers are comfortable with all shapes. Whether you are a beginner or skilled surfer, follow the guideline while buying a surfboard for faster, easier and safe surfing.

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