Paddle Board Fishing Setup (2022)

Paddle board fishing is a great fun! When it was discovered, fishermen have grabbed it excitingly and enjoyed their fishing more. There are so many types of fishing paddle board on the market. Among them, Sea Eagle Inflatable Fish SUP, Aqua Marina Drift, Airhead Bonefish, Elkton Outdoor Grebe is more familiar. On the other hand, There are three main varieties of paddle board used in fishing; plastic, fiberglass and Inflatable. Each of them has many advantages in their own way.

Paddle Board Fishing Setup

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Paddle Board Fishing Setup

What Are Accessories In A Fishing Paddle Board?

Generally a fishing paddle board includes-

  • Anchor
  • Gear Track
  • Fishing Rod Holders
  • Paddle
  • Paddle Holder
  • Cooler
  • Small Tackle Bag
  • Watertight Storage Box
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Sun Hat
  • Deck light
  • Net
  • Waterproof Phone Case
  • PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) etc.

Way To Setting Up a Fishing Paddle Board?

Step – 1: Setting Up Cooler

Firstly, you should set up cooler in suitable or fixed place on your paddle board so that it takes place in balanced point of board. If you use the cooler as a seat, place the cooler in that place where you normally stand and it can act as counterweight.

Step – 2: Setting Up Rod Holders, Paddle Holder And Tackle Box

Second step is to set up rod holders, paddle holder and tackle box properly. You can set up rod holders on both two sides of board and paddle holder in a place where you will sit on the board. You can use spinning Rods and Reel for better experience. And tackle box, you can setup it in the middle of the board or according to your way so that you can use it easily.

Step – 3: Setting Up Anchor

The Anchor is the most important part of a fishing paddle board. You can fix it on board with tangled rope so that you can ensure the stability of your board on water when you catch a big fish. Anchor is a lifesaver on a windy day. So you should ensure the availability of anchor on board.

Step – 4: Ensuring The Availability Of Other Accessories

By ensuring the availability of other accessories, your paddle board is ready for fishing. Don’t miss any accessories, because they are useful and helpful on the water. You should available all accessories of a paddle board in their fixed place or in place according to your own way. For night, you should ensure proper lighting system.

Are you ready to go? Keep in mind “Safety First”.For safety, keep PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) that means Life jacket, belt pack, head lamp etc for you at all times. Last but not least, when you go always tell someone where you are going or paddle with a buddy. Enjoy Fishing with safety!

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