Sea Eagle VS Advanced Elements Kayaks: In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to sudden rowing adventures on a vacation there is nothing more suitable than inflatable kayaks. Now, talking about kayaks, the first two names that come to your mind are Advanced Elements and Sea Eagle. They have made their name in the market by introducing some strong kayaks.

Among others, today we will be having a detailed discussion on Advanced Element Kayak Vs Sea Eagle. If you are planning on getting your hands on the best two-person kayak deals in the market, then you have come to the right place. Have a thorough read before making the final call!

Specifications Between Advanced Elements Kayak Vs Sea Eagle Kayak

Before dissecting all the individual details, it is essential that the user is familiar with the features present in the kayaks. Pointing out the small specifications, surely we are going to aid you in removing some of the clouds of confusion from your mind.

Sea Eagle VS Advanced Elements Kayaks
Specifications Advanced Elements Kayak   
Sea Eagle Kayak
Seat number22
Weight52 pounds47 pounds
MaterialNylon, plasticSynthetic
Dimensions35x21x12”7 foot 10 inches
Deck options1
FlooringBackbone and drop stitch floor Integral 5 tubes I-Beam floor
Skegs Present Present

Key Disguisable Features Between The Sea Eagle Kayak Vs Advanced Elements Kayak: 

  1. Advanced Elements Kayak weighs around 52 pounds whereas the Sea Eagle Kayak is about 47 pounds
  2. The Advanced Elements one is made up of nylon and plastic but the Sea Eagle one is made up of synthetic
  3. Advanced Elements Kayak and Sea Eagle Kayak have the dimensions of 35x21x12and 7 foot 10 inches respectively. 
  4. The Advanced one provides you with 3 deck settings but there is only one in Sea Eagle Kayak.
  5. There is the backbone and drop stitch floor present in Advanced Elements Kayak and Integral 5 tubes I-Beam floor present in the Sea Eagle Kayak 
  6. Aluminum Rigs are present in the Advanced Elements which are absent in the Sea Eagle one. 
  7. 5 deluxe one-way inflation/deflation valves are present in the Sea Eagle One whereas only one valve is present in the Sea Eagle one. 

Detailed Discussion On The Features Of Advanced Elements Kayak And Sea Eagle Kayak:

Skimming through the specifications provides a vivid view of the products but in order to completely make up your mind, you need details. That’s what we have got for you in this section. 

Compare the features to your requirements in order to break the confusion between Sea Eagle Vs Advanced Elements Kayaks. 


Weight is one of the most important features to look for in a kayak. As it determines the portability. The lighter the weight, the easier to carry!

Advanced Elements Kayak: As mentioned previously, this one weighs about 52 pounds. This means that it can be easily carried to your favorite water body without burning much of your energy.

Sea Eagle Kayak: On the other hand, this kayak weighs about 47 pounds that makes it a really lightweight one. So it can easily be carried by two or three people.

The Sea Eagle Kayak is lighter than the Advanced Elements Kayak. 

Seat Numbers

Another most important fact you must have to consider before buying a kayak is its seat number.

If you planned for a solo trip, then a kayak with a single seat is enough! But, for a family tour, the kayak should come with multiple seats.

So, make sure whether the kayak has one, two, or more seats according to your demand.

In this case, both of the kayaks have two seats. That means both kayaks are suitable for two-person kayaking.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity determines how much weight your kayak will be able to endure. As it is obvious, the more the merrier!

Advanced Elements Kayak: This kayak is able to endure a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. This simply ensures that two people will be able to head into the waters without facing any difficulties. 

Sea Eagle Kayak: Similar to the Advanced Elements Kayak, this kayak can hold up to 500 pounds. This range is also well-enough for 2 people to be safely assisted on their adventure. 

Advanced Elements Kayak has more weight capacity than the Sea Eagle Kayak.


This feature determines the durability and weight of the kayak. Most of the kayaks are made up of synthetics with layers of rigid materials and these two are no different in that regard

Advanced Elements Kayak: This kayak is manufactured from plastic and nylon. It consists of 3 layers of puncture-resistant material. The fabric is a durable double-coated fabric. Not only that, there is the addition of the built-in aluminum rigs in the bow and stern which aids in improving tracking. 

Sea Eagle Kayak: The Company has made this one from synthetics. It consists of such resistance that can ensure up to Class III whitewater.

The Advanced Elements kayak is made from plastic whereas the Sea Eagle one is made from synthetic. 

Deck Options

In many kayaks, the user is given the privilege to change the position of the seats in order to make the most comfortable arrangement. 

Advanced Elements Kayak: With the aid of the Advanced Frame, the user will be able to convert the decks. As mentioned previously, a total of three options are provided. The first one is the double-deck one which is simply a closed deck with double-deck -rings.

Secondly, is the single deck one? As the name suggests, it is a solo closed deck kayak setting. It also consists of d-rings series along with the addition of an arched deck riser. Lastly, is the standard open deck settings? This one allows for both solo and tandem seating placements. 

Sea Eagle Kayak: On the other hand, the Sea Eagle Kayak offers only one deck settings. 

Advanced Elements Kayak provides 3 settings whereas the user gets only one setting with the Sea Eagle Kayak. 


Advanced Elements Kayak: The kayak consists of six air chambers on the floor. It has the Backbone and drops stitch floor. 

Sea Eagle Kayak: This one has an Integral 5-Tube I-beam floor, these tubes make up a durable floor and provide natural chimes to the users for better control of speed and tracking. 

Elements kayak consists of six chambers whereas Sea Eagle Kayak has 5-Tubes. 


Last but not the list, another thing that should come up to your mind is the expense of the kayaks. Keeping your budget in mind can affect the choosing process vastly.

In this case, the Advanced Elements Kayak is comparatively much more expensive than the Sea Eagle Kayak. 

Editor’s Choice: 

Although the final decision rests upon your hands only, we would like to guide you a little further into forming the final decision. If you ask us, then we had said that you should go for the Advanced Elements Kayak. Although it is much more expensive than the other one, the high weight capacity, advanced materials and deck options make it absolutely worth every penny. 

However, if you are running on a tight budget then why not choose the Sea Eagle 330 Kayak. It has a low price range but with all the desired features that are wanted in a kayak. 

Final Words: 

We hope that this vivid review of Advanced Elements Kayak and Sea Eagle Kayak has helped you in forming the ultimate decision. Just remember to keep the requirement boxes ticked and your wallet happy. Happy rowing!

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