What Size Paddle For Kayak – Guide – 2022

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for people to do sports activities that require something extreme. The fear when resorting to these practices no longer exists since young people just want to put aside work fatigue, break their routines and experience new things that allow them to create new experiences.

Kayak is an extreme sport that every day is more known and common in our society. Now, if you do not practice it or have little knowledge about what is Kayak and what kind of tools you should use to perform this sport, do not worry! Here in this article, we will explain in detail what you need, including what size paddle for kayak is the best for you!

If you have encouraged yourself to do a different activity outdoors, it is important that you inform yourself well. In the case of the kayaking, it is appropriate to know how to choose the kayak and the paddle since they are fundamental elements that help you to immerse yourself in this great adventure. Do not despair, here we will give you the necessary recommendations so that you feel comfortable and, mainly, safe.

What Size Paddle For Kayak – (Step By Step)

What Size Paddle For Kayak

Size Is Fundamental:

When practicing kayaking, it is necessary that both the canoe and the paddle be consistent with your height/size. Also, you must take into account the waters where you will sail and if you will do it alone or as a couple.

If you use a paddle that complies with the measurements and models correctly, that will prevent:

✅ Having wrist injuries.

✅ Tipping over the boat.

✅ Avoiding leaving the navigation route.

✅ Rowing at speed or your own pace.

Now, you may wonder, how can I choose the paddle and canoe to practice kayaking?

What you should know in detail to choose these elements well is the following…

– When the time comes to making the choice of the paddle, you must follow certain parameters. Regardless of whether you are starting or already an expert, you should pay close attention to its form. Knowing how to choose it will avoid many inconveniences and help the apprentice to have control of his movements.

– Let’s talk about the width. Knowing this measurement is very important because it will allow you to specify the correct length of the paddle.

Generally, these are grouped into three large measures: small, medium and large.

  • A small kayak is between 48 and 55 centimeters wide.
  • For its part, a kayak whose measurements are between 56 and 64 cm is considered medium.
  • Meanwhile, a large canoe is above 65 cm wide.

Keep in mind that once you know what size paddle for kayak is ideal for you, not only for your height but for your paddling skill, you will be ready to take the next step:

Choose The Ideal Paddle:

The length of the paddle must be consistent with your measures. For example: if you measure between 1.55m to 1.65m, the paddle should be short. On the other hand, for someone with a height of 1.65m to 1.85m, the instrument has to be of a much longer length.

It is also appropriate to estimate the width of your kayak because if you drive a wide canoe with a small paddle, the pole is likely to barely enter the water. Of course, that will depend on the style you have when rowing.

Types Of Kayak Paddle:

Having a paddle appropriate to the type of kayaking you are doing is of the utmost importance. This is an element that is responsible for transmitting the traction that is done with the body to the water and will help you with the displacement. In addition, it functions as an essential element for stability and maneuver.

Let’s get to the point and know each one of them in detail.

– Initiation Paddle

This is a simple paddle, but do not worry, it will not be obsolete when you progress as they are made of nylon with the fiber core. Its fiber allows stiffness while nylon lowers costs. As a result, it gives you a very light and robust paddle.

– Calm waters paddles.

If you plan on practicing in calm waters, you should get a longer paddle with a much more star-shaped blade shape. Their usual measurements are between 2m and 2.15m. Manufacturing tends to be made with carbon since it seeks to provide lightness and maximum power transmission.

Sea kayak or fishing paddles

If it is a cruise at sea, we recommend using a paddle with a blade that is larger than 2m.

  • Whitewater paddles:

When we are interested in combining traction and stability, we need a paddle that has those measures: 191 – 200 cm with an angle of 30 to 45 degrees between the blades.

Now, I hope that when reading this article you will consider how important it is to find information that nourishes you with a lot of knowledge when practicing any sport. Kayaking is a beautiful adventure that allows you to explore new worlds, but it is pertinent to follow all instructions to the letter, also to take care of your health and your body. Remember that with caution and safety, every adventure will be lived better! So, knowing what size paddle of kayak you need can make the difference!

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